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Your workforce housing needs to be done fast and it needs to be done right; that’s how your workers stay happy and motivated.


Is your home or business in dire need of a facelift? Do you need something new built from the ground up? We’re experienced renovators and a full-service construction business too.


Budget is the main consideration. Get at least 3 quotes; you will be surprised how vastly different they may be. Be very clear on how much you have available to spend and don’t be tempted to overspend. Watch your cash flow and be aware when progress payments are due to the contractor. Understand that there will be hidden costs of as much as 20% in the small unforeseen and unexpected expenses, items budgeted for not being available, items changed at the last minute, and snags that arise. Budget for expensive fittings as these will be worth more in the long run.

Don’t overcapitalise, i.e. don’t spend more than you will realistically expect to get back for that house in that neighbourhood in the medium term. Failing to do this will mean having to keep the house for many years in order to recover those costs.

When building, it’s always cheaper to build sideways than to go up or down. The cost is as much as 50% more in going up and is seldom economical in going down due to the massive construction work involved. Don’t change the original basic structure too much, else it becomes costly and complicated.


Sometimes when you get the itch to renovate, consider this; you can add a lot of value by adding small cosmetic changes. Things like cladding, lighting, flooring, blinds, painting, etc. can make a big difference in place of heavy construction work. Open up dark spaces by removing a wall, inserting a door, skylight or window. Stick to a uniform theme or style and look in places like magazines and the internet for ideas. Pintrest is a good source of inspiration. Don’t be afraid of getting advice from others or from interior designers. Rather do too much research up front than have to redirect the project once started.