F4 Builders is a business in the construction industry, mainly dealing with residential building.

We have been specializing in building new houses and extension projects since 2004 in the Hermanus region.

Experienced local personnel contribute to our team and get the needed training to complete the necessary projects to a good quality.

We know how important it is to comply with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act. For this reason, we make sure all our clients are perfectly clear on what is expected during the process. Once the authorities and council clear all the plans, we will commence alterations to transform your house into the home you have always dreamt of.


A building contractor can be anything from an international or national construction company to a small one-man show with a van and a hammer.  The first step in the process is when the client contacts a number of contractors to examine the site and nature of the job with the view to providing a written quote for completing the work.

Smaller contractors are usually qualified in a particular limited field, and then sub-contract others with specific areas of expertise in areas like drawing up plans, getting plans approved, laying slabs, roofing, plumbing, electrics, swimming pool, carpentry, flooring, painting, landscaping, paving, solar, etc.  These sub-contractors quote on their section of the project and the contractor provides a comprehensive quote to the client, who then chooses the best quote from those supplied.  In this way the client has one person (the contractor) to deal with, hold responsible and have to pay.

The best way to source a contractor to do the above is usually by word of mouth.  A personal referral is very powerful.  Check that the contractor is registered with the relevant local building authorities and has some form of public liability insurance.  This is especially important if he disappears during the process or if something goes wrong.




• We cater to suite our clients requirements, lifestyle and pocket
• We follow a strict code of ethics, rules and values that includes final inspection and the breakdown of costs with the client on the completed project before the client does the final payment
• We have competitive prices and high moral values to ensure our clients always get a fair deal
• We make use of quality sourced materials with a modern touch
• Our seasoned team of qualified and professional personnel will ensure that existing and new clients are always happy with the final result


• New houses and flat planning
• Concrete structures
• Industrial and commercial renovations
• Tenant installation
• Commercial and industrial maintenance

Concrete structures, renovation and remodelling is at the core of our business and due to our large clientele trust, we strive to continue building relationships with new clients based on our excellent reputation.